Why Is Health Coaching Important for Those on Spiritual Journey?

I describe health as “An open heart, a calm mind, a fluid body, and an expressive soul”


None of those things are a destination but a continual practice throughout our lives. There are always deeper levels to all those aspects but you only need to start asking the questions of:

How can I open my heart more?

How can I calm my mind more?

How can I move my body more fluidly?

How can I express myself more fully and creatively?


Begin to ask those questions and you have already begun the healing journey and are on your way towards better health.


My health journey started in high school when I started lifting weights. I became fascinated with bodybuilding and weight training. I fell in love with how it made me feel inside and out. Stronger, more competent, more capable, more comfortable with myself.


Exercise has been an integral part of my wellbeing for a long time but it wasn’t until studying nutrition in college that my deeper healing journey started. After trying a paleo diet for the first time I had my first true and powerful “aha moment” that I recall.


It was the experience of “I’m not stuck the way I am”. Aspects of myself that I was closely identified with started to fall away. Brain fog, lethargy, bloodshot eyes all had greatly dissipated.


I had always seem myself as not all that smart with a short capacity for focus. Then I realized it was simply brain fog mixed with a lack of interest.

Changing my diet certainly didn’t fix all my “problems” but it was the kickstart to a great journey that I needed.


Health issues have come and gone since then, all revealing deeper layers of health and I’ve applied many different eating strategies and gut healing protocols since then.


Of course, in my undergrad nutrition education we didn’t learn anything about gut healing, food sensitivities, or how to truly heal through nutrition but it did give me solid background on the basics of nutrition, anatomy and physiology, and the current model of health.


I was interested in healing through food so I started a masters program in clinical nutrition and integrate health. I learned so much there in the trimester I attended and my teachers were all incredible practitioners of their craft. 


Eager to begin helping people and start my own business, my wife (girlfriend at the time) and I started a personal training and health coaching business. I was working as a personal trainer at a gym beforehand.

While working with clients I was obsessively contenting my studies in health and nutrition. I was dead set on finding the root cause of people’s health and weight challenges. I wanted to know why so many people yo-yo diet and why it seems to be so hard for people to lose weight and keep it off.


I learned about many possible physiological reasons but that still didn’t satisfy me. I started learning about emotional and mindful eating and I felt that got me a lot closer. I started to learn about beliefs and the subconscious mind and felt that was closest root cause I could find.


The root being people’s relationships/beliefs with food, their bodies, themselves, and later on adding God to that.


The question became, well how do you change that?


So my wife and I created a 3 month program focus on transforming your relationship with food and yourself. Everyone who completed the full program had incredible results. People were able to stop dieting and obsessing over food for the first time since they could remember, all while looking and feeling much better.


This was great step yet things kept evolving as I continued to work on myself and follow my healing path. Business became very stressful, Suzie and I were traveling abroad throughout this time. In Lisbon my appendix burst which I now see as a result of stress.

I got an emergency appendectomy which now makes for a great travel story. 


Things started to shift after that and I begin exploring spirituality more. I’ve always loved philosophy so Taoism and Buddhism were my gateway into a deeper spiritual life.


Suzie and I decided our next stop would be Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Which ended up being the land of synchronicity and massive shifts for us.


I was introduced to different kinds of energy healing and found I had quite a knack for it. I went to a transformative weekend workshop for Thetahealing and experienced some of the deepest levels of healing of my life. 

A whole new world was blown open for me. Intuitive gifts and senses were reclaimed and I quickly added this service to my business.

It was so effective and the feedback I received was so great that I stopped health coaching and personal training to focus on this aspect of healing. I worked with 100s of people doing healing sessions and intuitive readings.


During all of this I was still trying to figure many things out for myself. I was still forcing things, still struggling even though feeling better and more myself than ever before. I was full dedicated to the spiritual path. I surrendered to my heart and said I will heed your guidance no matter what.


This lead me to working very little (which was the hardest thing ever!). I had to deprogram so much of what I had picked up. I had to deal with constant financial uncertainty.

Continuing my healing path I ended up learning that I had a certain degree of PTSD from my deployment to Afghanistan in 2010 as an infantryman in the Army.


Things started to make a little more sense to me, especially as some who considers themself an empath and an HSP (highly sensitive person). Much of that fear and trauma was still stored in my body and contributed towards a brain wired for fear, danger, and scarcity.


So I worked on this using various healing modalities. Most prominently my fellow friends/healers and by proving many healing sessions to others with varying degrees of PTSD. Sound healing, acupuncture, and alone time in nature were also big players.


Much of this process and healing finally came full circle my second time in Mexico for 6 months. I participated in many different healing ceremonies; Ayahuasca, peyote, mushrooms, sweat lodges, fire ceremonies, and various different healers of different arts to help balance and integrate it all.


I’ve written about some of my experiences and will definitely share more about it all. I received closure and a new layer of inner peace like I didn’t even know was possible. 


There of course has been struggle and darkness since then and I’m sure there will always be as long as I keep growing.


However now that cycle has finished and a new one begins, I am ready to focus on service and guide others through a transformative process like I have been though. 


Healing is not found in a session, but in a way of life. That is how I can help. 

Through holistic lifestyle coaching using an integrative model to nourish yourself from the inside out for a deeper, fuller, more beautiful life.


I think the best way to start is through your health. You experience life through the senses of your body. If your body is unhealthy I think you are blocking a deeper connection to life. 


So walk with me.

Walk with me on this path of healing.

Walk with me on this path of heart.



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“Thank you Michael for making profound healing so easy. Thank you for your sincerity and your support. If you open yourself up to healing it is vital that you do it through someone who you can trust and allow yourself to connect with. I felt a deep comfort level with you and I know this aided in my healing. I feel so much more optimism and clarity. May you touch many people’s lives and help them realize their light the way you did mine.”

Zenia A.

Paris, France