About Michael

I see my three biggest roles in life right now as a father, husband, and coach/healer. I am grateful for all three of them.

Read this for some background on what I do as a health coach and why I do it.

Aside from that, I'm a fairly regular guy who truly enjoys life and what it has to offer.

Professional Certifications:

  • B.S. in Health Science: Nutrition

  • ACE Certified Health Coach

  • ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

  • ThetaHealing Practitioner

“Thank you Michael for making profound healing so easy. Thank you for your sincerity and your support. If you open yourself up to healing it is vital that you do it through someone who you can trust and allow yourself to connect with. I felt a deep comfort level with you and I know this aided in my healing. I feel so much more optimism and clarity. May you touch many people’s lives and help them realize their light the way you did mine.”

Zenia A.

Paris, France