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I'm offering a series of free readings!

Much of my work as a health coach and nutritionist is coming back around and mixing with my healing work.


I've been focusing on helping my clients with weight and health problems, especially for empaths and other healers.


I’m offering these readings for a couple of reasons:


  1. They will provide valuable insights into the weight and health challenges that empaths and healers face, so I can become even better at helping people pinpoint where the issues come from and why they are there. These insights will be used to create programs and courses to help clients heal these challenges.

  2. The free readings will give you an opportunity to learn what your biggest obstacle with weight or health issues is and how to finally make lasting change. You’ll also get a feel for what it’s like to work with me in case you want my help resolving your issues from the root


In my research and experience with food and health, I quickly learned that diets and "what to eat" had very little to do with actually reaching your health goals and keeping the results for good. If it was that simple people wouldn't struggle with it.


I learned it had to do with our relationship to food as well as our relationship with ourselves. The problem lies within our own belief systems about food and ourselves.


Going deeper into my healing work is when I learned how those belief systems arrive within us and how to effectively reprogram that conditioning and trauma.


To lose weight or improve your health in a truly healthy and sustainable way takes a deep change from the inside out. It requires a total change in how you view yourself and an energetic release of all the “weight” you’ve been carrying.


If you would like an energetic reading with me to help you figure out why you get stuck or revert back to old patterns after making some progress, then go ahead and schedule a reading with the calendar link (these readings will be over the phone).

It doesn't have to be a weight issue, it can be any health related issue or body image problem that you’re ready to work on and let go of.

Contact me if you can't find a time that works or have any questions.