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I'm guessing you're here because you know there's so much more to life than feeling stuck, weighed down, and drained by all the crazy energy around you.


As an EMPATH, You are here to help the world...and to do that you must be


and able to be SEEN.

As an EMPATH, You are here to help the world...and to do that you must be


and able to be SEEN.

As an EMPATH, You are here to help the world...and to do that you must be


and able to be SEEN.

Being an empath doesn't have to be a lifelong sentence to feeling unhealthy and out of control. You CAN feel vibrant, purposeful, whole, and healthy -- you just have to learn how to use your empathic nature to your advantage.

It's not about surviving a an empath, it's about THRIVING as an empath.

To do that, you need to HEAL. Your Body, your Mind, your Heart, your Soul.

Up until now, you've probably felt like life is just passing you by.


Why does everyone else seem to be able to make things work, when everything you try leaves you feeling more defeated and worse off than when you started?


The answer is simple:


And that means that you need to do things differently...

Up until now, you've probably felt like life is just passing you by.


Why does everyone else seem to be able to make things work, when everything you try leaves you feeling more defeated and worse off than when you started?


The answer is simple:


And that means that you need to do things differently...

The good news is when you do decide to do things the empath way, to heal from the inside out, you not only get to completely transform your health in a way that most people could only dream of...

You get to live your life as an empath was meant to:






You get to do what all empaths came here to do - make the world a better place!

The good news is when you do decide to do things the empath way, to heal from the inside out, you not only get to completely transform your health in a way that most people could only dream of...

You get to live your life as an empath was meant to:






You get to do what all empaths came here to do - make the world a better place!

This is why I created


12-Week Weight Loss & Health Transformation Program 

What would be different in your life if you woke up every morning feeling clear, energized, confident, and ready to be seen & heard as your authentic self?

How would you show up in life if you weren't feeling stuck, weighed down, anxious, and constantly bombarded with heavy negative energies?

Wouldn't it feel sooo good to look at yourself in the mirror every day and love the person looking back at you?

What if being an empath could be your greatest super-power rather than the thing holding you back from feeling, looking, and being the person you know you are inside?

What kind of life would you create if you knew you were a divine gift to the world, and you had the energy and confidence to share that gift and make the change you wish to see?

The truth is: a HEALTHY Empath is a POWERFUL Empath

But your path to health will be completely different, and luckily for you, that's a good thing!

When you create this change from the inside out -- releasing all the negativity (all that stuff that is NOT yours!) -- then you are free to be the REAL you...and as an empath, you ARE by nature a massively powerful, healthy, unstoppable soul with a deep purpose.

There's a reason all the things you've tried in the past to take back your health have failed...

There's a reason that you see so many people finding success with the latest diets, tips, and tricks, when you just keep feeling more and more lost, stuck, and completely out of control...

It's because you've been going about it completely backwards -- you can't solve an empath's problems from the outside in. You must solve them from the INSIDE out.

It doesn't matter how much kale you eat or how many miles you run, until you can look inwards and truly heal the parts of your heart and soul that have been weighed down for years by empathically absorbing energies and storing your own and others' emotions, your health will continue to reflect the chaos within.

The most important thing to understand as an Empath is this:

If you want to experience a radical shift in your health you must experience radical HEALING 

So, If you're ready to experience your radical healing on all levels...

You're Invited to Join The Healthy Empath 12-Week Weight Loss & Health Transformation Program


I've created an in-depth & comprehensive program to walk you step-by-step through your transformation to health - the empath way.

Not only will you massively shift your physical health so you can permanently lose weight, feel energized, and finally be at home in your body....

You'll experience deep and completely life-changing shifts in your mental, emotional, & spiritual health too! After all -- as an Empath you are meant to have it all (in fact, that's the only way for an Empath to truly live their purpose...to have balanced health & energetic system)

We all know what it looks like when an Empath's health is out of balance...

Weight issues

Low energy

Chronic health conditions

Anxiety & depression

Unfulfilling relationships

Feeling purposeless, stuck, guilt, shame, and totally overwhelmed

Out of control -- completely at the mercy of your empathic energy absorption

It's not your fault though...as an Empath, most of society isn't really designed to support your health, it's designed to extort it. You were never taught how to use your Empathic nature in your favor so the world seems to just steamroll right over you. That's why most empaths are living in disharmony and suffering. 

But you get to change that...right now.

The beauty of being an empath is that you have the opportunity to totally transform your life and then use the energy you've always felt controlled by and start controlling it to live as a healthy, balanced, and totally on fire soul!

I created this 6-week program to teach you exactly how to heal yourself from the inside out. I'll walk you through the process, help you heal each key area of your life 

-- body, mind, heart, & soul -- and you'll receive all the love, support, guidance, and acceptance you need to transform your health once and for all.

Why? Because as an empath myself, I know the power and potential of a healthy empath and I see the beauty of who you are when you live your truth. 


Living my purpose as an empath means helping other empaths to live theirs.

And that always starts with health.

This is your next, life-changing, step towards living as the healthy empath you were born to be. If you choose to follow your true Divine path, you will find yourself completely supported and loved on your journey -- by me AND the Universe.

There is profound joy to be experienced on this path and I am here to show you the way.

Choose your Destiny -- Join us.

The Healthy Empath with Mike Marschhausen

 Healing Workshops - Personalized Coaching - Skills & Mindset -

 Spiritual Alignment - Accountability & Support 

First, I want to let you know that I take this program very seriously because I see it as a gift from The Universe. I received the idea as a download and was a little confused at first. This idea has been gestating for about 9 months within me and now I finally feel is the time to birth it.


I know it will be incredibly powerful for all parties involved. I know there will be instant healings, awakenings, and long lasting change, healing, and growth. I know this because I’ve followed Right Action to get to this point of creation.


I didn’t frantically put this program together right away when I first received the guidance that this was my path. I waited, I worked with hundreds of empaths, I received more information and downloads, and I went a whole new level (or 1000 levels haha which I will talk more about) deeper into my own healing journey so that I could become the healer that you need. I am creating this with Spirit and with all of you.


This is the way of the heart warrior, the Empath, which is what you are. When working in this fashion, magic happens, and magic is what we will be experiencing together.


I truly hope you say YES to your new, healthy life -- like I have and like your brothers and sisters are.​​

Here are 6 main parts of the program that you'll get when you choose to be a Healthy Empath:


LIVE Weekly Classes with Mike Marschhausen


Each week you'll tune in live to  watch the core modules (approx. 60-90 min.) presented by Mike. This is the meat of the program, and where you'll be healing through your deepest weight loss & health issues and learning how to move forward in your new healthy life. Can't make it to the live training? No worries, you'll always receive the replay to watch on your own time.

Meditation by the Sea

Weekly Healing Meditations


Along with the weekly core training, you'll receive an audio meditation to listen to that week to integrate the teachings into your subconscious mind. The meditations will walk you through different healing processes or guided visualizations depending on the week's topic. The more you listen to the meditation that week, the more it will sink into your very foundation. Plus, you'll have access to these meditations forever so you can always pop your headphones in when you feel like you need a little extra support in that area.


LIVE Weekly Q&A and Hot Seat Video Calls with Mike Marschhausen


In addition to the weekly live trainings, there will be a second live call every week that you can tune into to ask questions or sit in the "Hot Seat" to receive individual healing. These are great opportunities to heal alongside your fellow Healthy Empaths on the journey with you in the program.

Laptop and Diary Topview

Weekly Action Plan/Assignments


You'll have weekly action items and at-home assignments to complete relating to the core curriculum. This will keep you accountable and bring action to the information you're learning and the healing you're receiving so that your results are totally streamlined. This is where philosophy becomes practice.

Team Talk

Lifetime Access to Our Online Support Forum


The private Facebook group is your classroom and support network. This is where you'll connect with other empaths and your guides (Mike & Suzie). You'll also get daily support and accountability through live check-ins, have all your questions answered, and daily motivation and helpful tips (Although we highly recommend taking advantage of this platform, if you don't have Facebook/don't wish to join the group, that's fine, you'll still receive all you need directly to your email!)


Weekly Accountability Check-Ins


In the Facebook group, one of your guides will go live to check-in with you in realtime. You can interact and share your wins, celebrate with the community, and offer/receive support. This will help you stay accountable to your goals and investigate any sticking points.

Along with the above core program, you'll also have access to a few amazing BONUSES:


Expert Audio Trainings

You'll have access to hours of exclusive trainings & interviews with experts in the health and wellness space


Exclusive Pop-Up Lessons

Throughout the 12 weeks, your guides will be spontaneously popping into the group with new resources, lessons, cooking and workout demos, and more


Discounts on Products & 1-1 Sessions

Enjoy more savings on any future products or 1-on-1 sessions you schedule with Mike

During the 12 weeks we'll be diving deep into healing in tons of different areas, including:

Rethinking Health - The Inner Way


Change always starts with awareness. We will start by shifting our perspective and current level of awareness around health into something empowering and exciting

Returning to Safety

In order to heal at a deep level and thrive as an empath you must feel safe in your body and on Earth. You will go through a healing process to instill a new sense of safety so you may thrive and live an abundant life

Symptoms as Clues - Being your own detective 

You’ll learn how to be your own detective and engage in conscious conversation with your body and your soul to figure out what you uniquely need to make the appropriate changes for your health

Relationship with Self and World

We understand ourselves via our relationships. The most important relationships we have are the relationships with ourself and with the Universe. When you heal those, You are whole and can heal anything 

Addressing the Danger in Scarcity Brain

You will rewrite the narrative in your brain that is wired for danger and scarcity. It’s imperative for us empaths not to let this old mental conditioning keep us from a healthy, abundant, beautiful life

Re-Programming the Subconscious Mind for Health & Weight Loss


Learn about the significance of the subconscious mind in your health issues. Your body is the physical expression of your mind - by healing and changing the stories in the subconscious, your body will heal with it

Rewriting Your Health Story, Thought Forms, & Life as Perception


We choose our reality through our perceptions. Learn how to identify and change the thought forms responsible for your suffering. Begin to see life through the eyes of beauty - the eyes of your heart

Letting Go of the  “Weight”


Whether your emotional weight has manifested as physical weight or not, all empaths carry it. Begin letting go of this weight on a deeper level and start to live “lightly” here on Earth

Healing Your Food Relationship & Mindset

If any diet or eating style is going to work, your relationship with food and mindset around it must be healed

Freedom from Food Addiction & Emotional Eating

Free up the mental energy that is usually wasted on thinking about food and watch your life transform. This will be one of the most freeing things you ever do

Ending the Dieting Cycle

When you've healed your food relationship and released the emotional attachments to food, you no longer get stuck in the trap of going "on" and "off" diets -- you finally experience balance and sustainable results

Eating & Living as a VIBEratarian

We are all unique and require an individualized eating style. Learn how to FEEL your way through the process to live and eat in a way that is in harmony with your being

Nourishing the Body with Joyful Movement

We will tap into movement and address any limitations and aversions to movement and exercise you might have so you can give your body the nourishment it requires and deserves. You'll also receive guidance on specific movement and exercise to incorporate into your lifestyle

Transforming Negative Energy & Harnessing Your Empathic Power

You are here to serve, remember? Begin to harness the gift of empathy and use it to serve others and yourself.

Balancing the Health Quadrant - Body, Mind, Heart, Soul

Learn to implement easy health strategies for simplicity, accountability, and consistency as you nourish all aspects of yourself


"I have lost 100 lbs!  I sleep better and feel better in general. It’s easier to be active with my children and do all things I love. 


For years food had helped me through some very stressful times and I had gained weight very quickly at an alarming rate.

I had a deep physical gnawing hunger that never went away. It was distracting and hard to think about anything else. After Mike helped me identify the true source of my emotional hunger, I felt an immediate relief. I could not have done that on my own. 

Mike also helped me find limiting beliefs I was holding onto that were holding me back and past painful events I could not get over.

I believe helping people through past traumatic events takes much patience and a genuine love for the person. Mike does this naturally with care and compassion to the individual who has suffered.  

Healing from these painful events can be a freeing experience and sometimes just what an individual needs to overcome food addiction or other addictions. 

Thank you Mike for your love and deep commitment to helping others heal and become who they were meant to be. "

Adrienne N., California

At this point, you're probably feeling how powerful and life-changing the next 12 weeks of your life are going to be...

And I get it -- it can be really hard to choose a new path when all you've known for so long is the way life is for you at this moment in time. As an Empath, it's especially easy to get stuck in negative patterns and cycles -- and I totally understand feeling like it'd be easier to just give up and hide away forever...

I'm here to tell you -- it's NOT easier that way. Committing to the next 12 weeks is actually going to be the easiest  thing you've ever done. And here's why:


How long have you been dealing with your current weight & health issues? Whether they come and go in cycles, or you're consistently struggling?


I’m guessing years to decades, maybe you're even thinking “my entire life”.  What if all that could change in a mere 12 weeks? Choosing to stay stuck in this is not the easy decision. It might feel safe, it might feel comfortable, but deep down you know that saying no to changing your life now is going to make things so much harder for you. 

Do you really want to spend another year, 5 years, dare I say the rest of your life, wishing things were different and that you could end this struggle and start fresh?


Let’s just end it. Let’s put a stop to it now.


Once you know why you’ve been dealing with these problems and what you need to do to “fix” it, then you are no longer it’s prisoner. Your health challenges won’t go away over night. But you can free yourself in an instant. And Freedom = Success

Ready? Take my hand, Let's do this together.

Great! Now that you've decided to take your truest, most heart centered (em)path to weight loss and abundant health, I want you to know that even though you might think this program is going to come with a hefty price (and in all honesty, it probably should considering most people pay tens of thousands of dollars on getting the results they want), I know that you deserve a break here...

After all, You've probably already spent years and a ton of $$$ on things that simply didn't work (because they weren't the right approach for your beautiful Empath soul).

Getting the help that you need shouldn't mean you need to refinance your home or have to choose between sending your kids to college or being healthy & happy.


You were meant to live a confident, healthy, awesome life -- and source has tasked me with helping you do that. So I'm going to make this an obvious, simple, HELL YES decision for you to make.

Most 12-week programs like this, with all the content, intensive coaching, and personal & ongoing support, cost between 3-5 thousand dollars! And that's totally fair and 100% worth it, if they feel right and get you the results. 


This program is valued for at least that. But I want this to be even more fair and worth it for you -- because I know you're going to get the results you want...and that only happens if you say YES to your journey and commit to valuing yourself and your health NOW.

So let's just make this a no brainer, shall we?

The full 12-week Healthy Empath Weight Loss & Health Transformation Program, with live classes, weekly action plans & exercises, in-depth group healing sessions, Q&As, weekly healing meditations, lifetime access to your own support group, and accountability check-ins with me and my team PLUS amazing bonuses including expert trainings, exclusive pop-up lessons & materials, and discounts on any future products or 1-1 sessions you'd like to book with me is only $1,111 today 🙏🏼🦋 


Plus, I'm going to personally gift a FREE 30 minute 1-on-1 phone session with me ($150 value) to you when you pay in full (I can only offer this to the first 25 students who -- so act today to make sure you get your session with me)!

If that's just absolutely not an option for you, then you also have the option for a simple financing plan of six monthly payments of $222

And remember, we're making this a no brainer so on top of ALL that, the whole program is backed by my 90-day 100% money back guarantee!

100% Money Back

90 Day "Love It or Your Money Back"


If you're not 100% thrilled with your experience, we're not going to keep your money. Simply call or email us within 90 days of joining, and we'll be happy to refund you in full, no questions asked. 

Living your empathic purpose and feeling insanely healthy & confident can and should be no-risk and ALL reward. The Universe is supporting you fully in this -- and so am I. So don't let fear of failure keep you from making the change you need. You've got all you need right here, within yourself and within this program.


Jennie W., Indiana

"I am now able to love myself and my body and care for it. 

When I first started working with Mike I felt broken and worthless. I hated my body and myself.  Mike helped guide and heal me to a place of wholeness and self love. Because of this I am now able to love myself and my body and care for it.  I was able to step into my own power and begin living from my heart. Mike completely changed my life and I’ll be eternally grateful. If you get a chance to work with him, consider it an honor and don’t hesitate. You’ll be so glad you did. "


Amani Z., Toronto

"I am falling in love with everything that makes me uniquely me, which I used to hate before.

I have a sense of peace that I have never had. My intuition is solid which helps me relax more and follow it. Plus I am falling in love with everything that makes me uniquely me, which I used to hate before. The healing work that I've done with Mike & Suzie opened my eyes to my unhealthy patterns and helped me make changes without all the resistance. Now, even at 7 months pregnant, I feel the healthiest and happiest I have ever been.


Brittany W., California

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Plus as soon as you register, you'll receive early bird access to the Preparing for Weight Loss & Vibrant Health Meditation/Visualization -- you'll listen to this daily leading up to the start of the 12-week program to completely prepare your mind and body for maximum results during your program! 

Save your spot below and get ready to live as the healthy, bright, totally powerful Empath that you are meant to be.

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I'm Mike Marschhausen and I'm a holistic therapist, healer, intuitive guide, nutritionist, empath, and your biggest fan. I've worked with hundreds of empaths to help them live in a healthy and empowering way. I'll be helping you step-by-step down your path to vibrant health and living your Empathic purpose.

My wife Suzie is also a health & nutrition coach, empath, and heart centered guide. She will be there to support and nurture you on your journey as a guide in our member's forum and will be joining us on many of the classes to teach and offer deeper healing. You're going to love her!