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Mike Marschhausen; B.S., CPT, CHC

Holistic health coach and intuitive healer

Mike is a holistic health coach, intuitive healer, empath and highly sensitive person. Years after his deployment to Afghanistan as a United States Army infantryman he found out he was suffering from PTSD. Using all that he had learned about health and healing prior to his diagnosis he began diving even deeper into his healing journey to successfully heal. This included many types of energy medicine, foundational health practices, plant medicines, sweat lodges, fasting in nature, and more. Through his own healing he awoke to his inner calling to help heal others struggling as sensitive beings with their own trauma and subconscious conditioning.


Over the last 4 years Mike has facilitated hundreds of healing sessions working with people with various forms of trauma. Through those intimate experiences with other people and the guidance of Spirit, Mike has become a skilled and knowledgeable healer with a deep empathy and ability to cut straight to the heart of the matter. He has also helped coach numerous empaths to greater health, vitality, and a deeper sense of love and trust in their bodies, hearts, and souls.

He now specializes in helping empaths heal their trauma and build a solid foundation of physical health for a more empowered and joyful human experience.


Mike’s most popular media topics are:


  • The importance of your own healing journey and why it’s necessary for the good of the planet that all empaths learn how to thrive

  • Health and weight loss for empaths: The relationship between yourself, food, your body, and God

  • Why empaths struggle in the human experience and what they can do about it

  • Soul trauma and the reclamation of your true nature

  • Simple healing practices that any empath can incorporate into their lives for more joy and a regulated nervous system


Wade W., North Carolina

Mike’s healing is instantaneous. I held a deep-rooted cycle of not connecting with women since childhood. Mike helped me realize the root of that belief and release it in one session. The most important relationship that has shifted for me is the one with my mother. For the first time in my life we share a genuine openness and deep trust with each other.

Amani Z., Toronto

The healing work that I've done with Mike opened my eyes to my unhealthy patterns and helped me make changes without all the resistance. I have a sense of peace that I have never had. My intuition is solid which helps me relax more and follow it. Plus I am falling in love with everything that makes me uniquely me, 

Adrienne N., California

I believe helping people through past traumatic events takes much patience and a genuine love for the person. Mike does this naturally with care and compassion to the individual who has suffered.  

Healing from these painful events can be a freeing experience and sometimes just what an individual needs to overcome food addiction or other addictions. 

Thank you Mike for your love and deep commitment to helping others heal and become who they were meant to be.