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Mike is a holistic health coach, intuitive healer, empath and highly sensitive person. He is an Army combat veteran and has healed through PTSD - now he is a healer and his mission is to guide people along their healing journeys to awaken their healing gifts and turn their pain into purpose.


He has explored many healing modalities such as various methods of energy medicine, foundational health practices, plant medicines, sweat lodges, fasting in nature, and more.


Over the last 4 years Mike has facilitated hundreds of healing sessions working with people with various forms of trauma. Through those intimate experiences with other people and the guidance of Spirit, Mike has become a skilled and knowledgeable healer with a deep empathy and ability to cut straight to the heart of the matter. He has also helped coach numerous empaths to greater health, vitality, and a deeper sense of love and trust in their bodies, hearts, and souls.

He now specializes in helping empaths embrace their healing journey, awaken to their purpose,  heal trauma, and build a solid foundation of physical health for a more empowered and joyful human experience.

What is The Healthy Empath Podcast about:


  • Powerful healing stories of the guest's hero's journey to inspire the audience

  • Sharing what gifts have come about from your healing journey

  • Sharing your expertise and how you help people

  • Soul guided conversations

  • The audience is mostly empaths, sensitive souls, healers, and aspiring healers


  • The call will be via Zoom

  • 5-10 minute warm-up chat before recording

  • 45+ minute interview (The call is scheduled for an hour but if we're having fun and flowing I'd love to go longer. Just let me know if you have a hard out by the hour when we start)

  • During the interview we will have a free flow conversation (any preset questions I have will be about what I read or heard in regards to your work)

  • Please take steps to insure you have a clear and reliable internet connection

  • I personally enjoy podcasts with great sound quality, please use your mic

  • Let me know if you have any questions or concerns before the interview