Finding Your Way (Poem)

"Finding Your Way"

Are you lost or are you found? Are both your feet on the ground?

You question your path, and your meaning in life Carry on this way - you'll continue with strife

You've been beaten and hurt, there's no shortage of pain It makes you question the world and take God's name in vain

If only you could see what the rest of us see It's a woman who's strong and fierce as can be

Through all of your hardship, you've grown and evolved Your place here on Earth? It's easily solved

You're here to be You, a queen who is free So drop all this nonsense, you're a Creator like me

You're perfect, you're fine, you'll see this in time The journey you're on. Magic. Sublime.

So accept that you're whole and there's nothing to fix Letting go and surrender, add those to the mix

You'll still face your demons, but do it with grace For this experience of life is a dance, not a race

This was written for a friend but easily written because it was my experience as well. It has a tune to it so it’s best read out loud to get a feel for how it flows. I hope you enjoyed.

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