It Carries Me Now (poem)

It Carries Me Now

The love in my heart. It carries me now Through the storm and the clouds. It carries me now

The river of grace. It carries me now

I surrender, let go. It carries me now

The desire to live. It carries me now

I am free of the burden. It carries me now

This Earth that I live on. It carries me now

My feet firm on the ground. It carries me now

The faith that I know. It carries me now

My mind healthy and sound. It carries me now

I know who I am. I carry me now

I know why I’m here. Love carries me now

Author's note:

This I wrote after a few deep healing experiences where I eventually surrendered to the light. I had a dream one night that lead to me dying in it but instead of waking up my world collapsed in on me and it turned into an out of body experience.

I was floating in what seemed like a void or space, I was thinking about how interesting it was and was wondering where I was going. I noticed a river that was flowing near me. I was intrigued by the river and was wondering what it was about.

I came out of it once I started testing my level of self awareness and trying to feel my body. The next day in a meditation reflecting on the experience, the question for me was "you've surrender to the dark, why won't you surrender to the light?".

Meaning don't observe the river from the outside and try to intellectually understand it, dive in!


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