Show Yourself (poem)

Show Yourself

Where have you been? Why do you hide?

It’s selfish to run from your desires inside

Stuck in the shadows, hidden from grace It’s time to wake up and show them your face

No matter the fears or worries of doubt Climb up that mountain, get ready to shout

Shout it out loud, what lies in your heart It’s important you do for we all play a part

A part in this life, this cosmic dance Come alive to the music, this world a romance

So if you haven’t already, just let it all go Break out of that prison and get ready to know

To know that you’re loved and you were born free Come back to that knowing and live life with me

Author's note:

Too many of us have spent far too much time hiding in the shadows and denying our own desires and inspirations. I encourage you to honor your hearts desires and express yourself in any way that feels right to you.

We all have fears and sometimes think life is easier behind the scenes but it is not easier for that path will slowly eat you alive. Step out fo the shadows and into your destiny!


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