Conscious Discipline and Raising Humans Kind with Family Psychologist Ashleigh Warner

Ashleigh Warner, a holistic family psychologist. She supports families to embark on a more conscious parenting journey by unpacking, exploring and healing what no longer serves them

In this episode we talk about:

- How did Ashleigh get into conscious parenting/discipline

- The six pillars of conscious discipline (possibly use for IG)

- Spotting your child’s nervous system disregulation

- Tantrum vs emotional release

- Helping regulate your child’s nervous system

- Why can night time be such a struggle?

- What stories are we placing onto our children

- Do we need to treat highly sensitive and empathic children differently?

- What agendas do I have for my children

- How do you stay authentic to your parenting style around others

- Why do we feel like a child around our parents as adults?

- Ashleigh’s great Instagram posts!

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