Ep 19. How trauma and emotions affect your gut. Why you need to calm your vagus nerve...

19. What is true health? The trauma and emotions affect your gut. How and why you need to calm your vagus nerve to heal almost anything. With Dr. Eva Detko.

Dr. Eva has been studying natural medicine and the human mind for 22 years. She has been through her own health journey which included healing multiple “incurable” chronic illnesses - this is what lead her to take control of her health and others do the same. She has a PhD in physiology, biochemistry, and nutritional sciences as well as countless of degrees and certifications.

She is a true and genuine healer who understands health from a much higher consciousness than what we typically see today.

In this episode we talk about:

- Dr. Eva’s healing of chronic health illness and gut issues

- The connection between childhood trauma and gut health

- What is the vagus nerve and why it’s so important to heal

- What does health actually look like?

- and much more

This is a must listen for anyone who wants to understand health on a deeper level, anyone who has has gut issues, and anyone interested in healing chronic illness from the inside out….and anyone with a body ;)

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