Shaming culture and the gifts of shame, evolutionary psychology, and much more with Dr. Keith Witt

Keith is a licensed clinical psychologist, lecturer and author dedicated to studying, teaching, and creating transformative healing systems.

He has been practicing psychotherapy in Santa Barbara, California for over 40 years.

He decided to become a psychotherapist at the early age of 15, when he entered therapy himself and realized it was, in many ways, a natural language––a native tongue––to him. He knew immediately that he wanted to participate and contribute, not just as a client but also as therapist and teacher. He has been exploring and following that instinct ever since.

I love listening to Keith talk, I truly feel like I’m listening to the wisdom of an elder. In this episode we talk about:

- Shame and shaming culture but also the useful aspects of shame

- We talk about the warrior archetype and it’s evolution

- Neurobiology and nervous system mirroring

- How our nervous systems are looking for role models

- The shadow and it’s forms

- Keith’s death rebirth cycle from electroshock treatment as a teenager

- Is Trump a narcissist or a psychopath?

- As well as various aspects of evolutionary psychology

Check this one out for sure!

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