On Being Human - From Suicidal to Loving Life with Dylan Olsen

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Dylan is a natural-born rebel who honors the human spirit by defying the societal status quo. A teacher to many and a student of all, he uses his creative talents to connect with others on a visceral level and transcend the conventional human experience. As a transformational coach, esteemed writer, and multi-faceted musician, he uses creativity and imagination as alchemical tools to transform the human spirit and alleviate the illusion of suffering on the planet.

In this episode Dylan shares quite intimately some of his struggles and traumas from the past and how he has overcome those challenges.

We chat about:

- Some of his core wounds and limiting beliefs

- Tools and tactics to overcome our challenges

- How being an empath has affected his journey

- How to make change from the inside out

- Dylan’s gift from a prostitute

- Why empaths need to be careful about identifying as an empath

- My recent powerful and seemingly traumatic mushroom journey

- Two of my main takeaways from this experience

- What is your true authentic self?

- The Madman archetype

- Some discussion on being human

- Are you taking things too seriously?

- Neutralizing unwanted thoughts

- and much more



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