How to Deal with Uncertainty

I’ve spoken with many people lately who are feeling a sense of uncertainty. They’re uncertain about where the next paycheck is coming from, uncertain about their purpose and where to go next, a collective uncertainty about the safety of themselves and others, and uncertainty in just about every other aspect of life.

When we are dealing with a difficult or sensitive situation, there is almost always a bit of uncertainty. Perhaps it’s the “human nature” side of us that is always trying to control the way events in our lives play out.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) we aren’t able to control most things in life, and trying to do so only leads to unnecessary anxiety, disappointment, and fear. Life will always throw us unforeseen obstacles and challenges, but if we can set aside our desire to control and remain faithful through the uncertainty that everything is as it should be, there is great reward to be had on the other side.

I would like to offer a handful of tips on how to deal with uncertainty.

The first is to let go of the idea of certainty. By definition, certain means “known for sure; established beyond doubt”. How many things can you honestly say you are certain of? What is real? What is certain?

In a world where everything changes, it’s best to let go of this concept. Instead, open yourself up to every possibility and always remain flexible. Let go of the control you think you have and focus on faith.

When I say faith, I mean “a complete trust in someone or something”. Perhaps it’s faith in the Universe, perhaps it’s God, or perhaps it’s in yourself. Whatever or whoever it is, be faithful and if you feel you are losing your faith, take time to re-center and remain faithful anyway. Things will work out the way they are meant to (even if sometimes they don’t seem to be). Remember, this doesn’t mean turning a blind eye and doing nothing. You aren’t a victim that needs saving. It means relax and trust that the Right Action will arise and you will recognize and take it fearlessly when it does.

Next, anchor yourself into what is real and what you do know. With all the uncertainty and all the possibilities and thoughts in your head it can be hard to recognize what you do know.

When I feel overwhelmed with uncertainty and not knowing how events will unfold, I come back to what I do know. To me, that’s the love of my family. How I feel about my wife, my son, my dog and the love we have for each other is the realest thing in the world to me.

I can always anchor in on that and know that everything will be ok. No matter what.

Another way to deal with uncertainty is to ask what is being triggered within you. When you are feeling uncertain, take a moment to sit down and tune into your body and notice what you feel. Maybe it’s anxiety in the solar plexus, or tension in your head. Tune into the feelings and any emotions, images, or memories that arise.

Let your awareness of what is going on to begin any healing. Allow whatever comes up to come up without judgement. From here maybe you need to forgive, let go, love, or invite in whatever past trauma is being triggered by your current uncertainty.

This is actually what I go to first when I’m feeling uncertain because I do it for a living. It’s easy for me to trace back those feelings and find the root that must be healed, but thats not the case for everyone. Maybe you have a preferred emotional release technique to use here. Maybe it goes deeper than you thought or you’re unclear on what exactly it is but can feel something and you need to seek outside assistance (from someone like me).

A perfect example of this is the loss of a job or if you’re self-employed and don’t have a steady paycheck. You get stressed about the uncertainty of where money will come from for your bills. If you tune in to the body and what is going on internally you find feelings of being “unsafe”. You then trace this feeling of lack of safety deeper to when your parents used to fight about money and take out some of their anger out on you, or to a past-life when you starved from lack of money, or a million other possibilities. From here you can begin to release the feelings of lack and being unsafe to bring in feelings of safety and security, leading you to attract more of that into your life.

Another option is to continue the exploration inward. Sometimes a situation doesn’t always need some type of healing or emotional release. If it’s a pattern that continues regardless of identifying triggers then there is likely something you need to learn or do.

Ask yourself those very questions; What do I need to learn to move beyond this situation or pattern? What do I need to do? What have I been avoiding?

Once we have healed, learned, and acted around a feeling or situation it is time to move on and allow things to move in a positive direction naturally. And if some situations continue to persist….perhaps it’s time to just chill out, be patient, and invite more fun into your life. After all, “the only certainty is that nothing is certain" -- let the fear of uncertainty go and start living in the bliss of NOT knowing.

If you're currently dealing with uncertainty in any aspect of your life, I highly recommend using the below meditation to release anxiety and re-center to the present.

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