Male & Female Rage, Primordial Wounds, Practical Astrology, and more with Wise Woman, Loralee Scaife

In this episode I chat with a true wise woman. Her name is Loralee Scaife. She is an Astrologer and Educator who weaves Astrology, Mythology and Jungian Psychology to provide a rich symbolic map of the psyche.

She has decades of experience when is comes to astrology, jungian psychology, and the study of myth.

In this episode we talk about:

* Practical astrology

* The existence of evil in this world

* Psychological projection

* Male and female rage

* Police brutality and racism as symptoms of something greater

* The loss of myth in our culture

* Lord of the Rings as the guiding myth of our time

* The Divine Masculine and it’s archetypes

* The Divine feminine and it’s archetypes

* Women’s cycles and the disconnection to it

We talk about these things and more in this absolutely knowledge packed episode.

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Find Loralee's Lord of The Ring series here

Her website here

Here videos directly on vimeo here

You can find her email on her website to email for a consultation. I highly recommend it!

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