What does healthy masculinity look like? A deep dive convo on masculinity and the wounds of our men

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In this episode I talk with men’s coach, Max Marschhausen, about what healthy masculinity looks like, we explore the topics of relationships, mother wound vs father wound, what went wrong with our men, navigating boundaries as empaths and so much more.

This was probably my favorite conversation so far and I will be doing more shows like this. I enjoyed talking more than usual myself and just having a fun chat with a friend (and cousin).

Ladies this is definitely for you too!

Some show highlights include:

- What is masculinity?

- Boundaries in relationships

- Is there really such thing as toxic masculinity

- The shadow of calling everyone narcissistic

- How to help your partner open up

- The undertook elements of the mother wound in men

- Why we need to heal mother and father wound to be whole

- Vikings as a healthy masculine archetype (not the vikings on tv)

- Exploring the stories around the numbing of society

- Are conventional hospital births to blame for our numb, wounded men?

- How we can heal and develop a healthy since of masculinity and manhood

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