Channeling, advice for empaths, and messages from Sisi with Stephanie Light

Stephanie Light is a channeler, coach, and the owner of Galactic Awakenings. She has channeled for 20 years in various formats, and currently channels beings from different galactic civilizations, including a being by the name of Si Si from the Essassani.

As a child, Stephanie felt that she could access different energies and vibrations but it wasn't until she heard another channeling that she realized she wanted to develop her skills as a channel and start sharing her transmissions with the world.

Stephanie came on the show to share her experience with becoming a channel and some messages through a transmission with Si Si.

We talk about:

* What is channeling and can anyone do it?

* Stephanie's spiritual awakening

* Interview with Sisi

* What are Empaths

* How can empaths keep their frequency high

* How can Empaths find their life path

* Why do many Empaths struggle with health and weight?

* How to work through a “broken heart”

* Following your excitement

I loved having this conversation with Stephanie and Si Si. There are tons of insights for empaths and in was fascinating to connect with Si Si for deeper clarity. Enjoy!

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