EXPANSION, bio-integration, and oppression with TahKole

Tah has 25 years in emergency medicine, Kole 17 years in educating professionals about life’s addictions, they have 17 years experience combined in various shamanic traditions, 15 years combined personal training and body alignment to NYC’s performance driven entrepreneurs…they have a diverse understanding and deep LOVE of people.

They are playfully obsessed with humanity's evolution.

Whether you are attuned to it or not, you are physically affected by the constructs you are participating in and they are showing up EVERYWHERE.

In Your Business...

In Your Finances...

In Your Relationships...

AND In Your Body.


Tah and Kole bring expansive and diverse thought through immersion, imagination, various modalities and practical skills.

They dig deep, consider, laugh and contemplate the workings of the inner being.

Working with them will either excite you or scare the shit out of you….probably both

To me - they are people who walk the path of the soul, follow their truth, have a very high emotional intelligence, and have a gifted ability to explain psychological phenomena

In this episode some things we talk about are:

- What is bio-integration?

- Tah and Kole’s journey summarized

- Healing is an integrative process

- Are you choosing to live or trying not to die

- Freedom from reactive responses

- What is a transformation trap?

- Self work as a form as punishment?

- The difference between expansion and propulsion

- The difference between normal vs natural

- Expansion outward and expansion inward

- Is the Universe expanding with us

- Giving back to the Earth

- Nurturing in other capacities than children

- Ageism and Childism

- Are you oppressing yourself or others?

- The root of all oppression is convenience

- What is the meaning of life?

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