Reality as a reflective mirror, how do our bodies work? Are spirit guides real? with Tyler and Riok

Tyler is a Universal healing Tao associate instructor, soon to be licensed acupuncturist, TCM and health sciences graduate, and extra dimensional channel as well as certified narcissist and egomaniac.

This is another interview where I talk to the channel (Tyler) and then he does a channeling for us and I talk with his counterpart (Riok). They both have a ton of wisdom to share!

In this episode we talk about:

- Being a clear channel and the spiritual path

- Are psychedelics the best approach to healing?

- Do you filter your intuition and reality through a stress response?

- Sexual energy as the highest form of spiritual cultivation

- Are fear and excitement mutually exclusive?

Then Tyler channel’s Riok and we talk about:

- The path of wholeness

- Can there be grief with joy?

- Passion and negative emotions

- Seeing from the Soul’s perspective

- Our reality is a reflective mirror

- Imbalance in the body shows imbalance in consciousness

- Body and health as symbolism

- Possible meanings behind poor gut health

- How do our bodies work?

- Consistency in routine and spiritual practices

- Are spirit guides just an expression of our psyche?

- Lastly, an empowering message to empaths

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