What is Energetic Emotional Healing?

The Human Experience is an emotional experience.

To be out of touch with your emotions is to be unaware of your life. It’s impossible to make a decision without emotions, regardless of what some might think. Putting your emotions to the side is a still a decision based off of emotional reasons.

We can certainly suppress emotions and dissociate from our bodies in order to numb ourselves from feeling them, but those emotions are still there and we are still being affected by them directly and indirectly.

While searching online for a good explanation of emotional healing work, there wasn’t much out there. It’s well known in both the scientific and non-scientific communities that emotions play a huge role in our health and well being and there are many strategies on how to cope with said emotions. What isn’t widely known is how to truly heal our emotional baggage.

To really understand how deeply our emotions effect us, you have to dig a little deeper. The documentary E-motion does a decent job of explaining it, as well as the book Frequency by Penny Pierce. Combine those with the book The Body Keeps The Score and you’ll have a solid foundation for understanding healing, trauma, and emotion.

For the most part, I have learned how to energetically heal stored emotions intuitively through experience. I didn’t really have an explanation for what I was doing with my healing work, and then I read these books and said “Hey! That’s what I’ve been doing.”

I quickly learned that the vibrations of our emotions are stored and trapped in our body.

This concept can easily be experienced: next time you are stressed or something is triggering you - take a moment to be still and focus on your body. Scan with your awareness and you will quickly find where you feel it the most. A tension in the heart, butterflies in the stomach, an ache in your shoulder, or more subtle sensations anywhere else in your body.

Then you can dive even deeper into these sensations and chase them to their root. I often have people find these spots of discomfort and focus on them. I tell them to take it one step deeper and see what is behind the feelings. Is there a fear, anxiety, emotion, a memory, a person, or something else? The first thing that pops up into their head is usually what is connected to it. A fear? Great. Fear of what?

With this process you can keep asking deeper questions and digging until there are no more answers and you’ve come to the root of the emotion.

Sometimes I’ll need to ask, “When was the first time you felt that?” and we are right back to a childhood experience that left a lasting impression in the subconscious mind and emotional body.

Financial issues are a great example of trauma and emotion being stored in the body and creating lasting patterns that effect your material abundance. I’ve seen people chase back their money fears and anxieties within a couple moments to the trauma of their parents fighting and divorcing over money. That experience is now causing them to subconsciously avoid money because they believe it brings pain and heartache. I’ve also seen it come down to memories of being sexually abused, creating beliefs of low self worth/self-esteem and subconsciously feeling undeserving of love in the energetic form of money.

Not everyone will be able to get to the specifics of their emotional discomfort because it could be a suppressed memory or past life trauma (a conversation for another day). But it is a very effective technique for emotional healing and allows you to learn very quickly about your emotions and how past experiences are still affecting you.

Through my work, I have learned that the body stores emotions/fears/anxieties and that these are held in place by the beliefs we hold in our subconscious minds. The way to clear out these trapped emotions is by changing the beliefs holding them in place.

Traditional psychotherapy might bring you to the place of pinpointing these past experiences and showing you how it is related to what you are feeling now. The healing work I do is different because we are able to bring it another step deeper. We pinpoint the exact beliefs that were created by those experiences and energetically change them on a subconscious level, effectively releasing those emotions from your energetic and physical body.

We then install new positive feelings and beliefs that were never learned/experienced. If other people are involved, we will also do an intense energetic chord cutting exercise to relieve any remaining attachments to those beliefs and emotions.

In my experience from working with many people who have or have seen therapists, going that extra layer deeper is the total difference maker for creating a deep healing, not just learning to cope with the effects of these issues.

When you do deep emotional healing work, you’re able to use your emotions to create a better reality for yourself - a reality with greater experiences of love, peace, calm, joy, and abundance. Use the trapped emotions you feel in your body to find and change the beliefs in your subconscious mind. Your subconscious is running the show so its imperative to align your subconscious and conscious mind if you really want to heal and make lasting changes in your life.

Your beliefs create your reality. Ready for a new reality? A new story? Change your beliefs!

When I first started my healing practice I thought about 80% of all ailments/diseases were caused by something emotional…..I later learned that 100% are! The difference being that just because it was caused by your beliefs and emotions, it can’t always be healed that way….or at all. But that’s for another post.

When I’m helping people heal from their pasts they often start to notice physical ailments go away. One of my clients wanted to work on her relationship with her daughter, and a consistent pain in her arm immediately went away. This pain was manifested in the same spot where your arm aches from holding a baby.

Another client had chronic knee pain that she had tried all kinds of therapies over 6 or 7 years, and within a 30 minute session we pinpointed that it was related to heartbreak with male figures in her life. After healing on the trauma and beliefs surrounding her experiences around that topic, the pain was gone!

So what exactly is energetic emotional healing? To me, healing means “remembering or returning to the Truth of who you are.” Our Truth as humans is not that we are bundles of fear, trauma, and low vibrational emotions.

Our Truth is that we are powerful creators, we are God, we are Love.

By shedding the layers of distorted beliefs and emotional baggage on an energetic level, you start to remember that truth. You remember how creative you are, how confident you are, how compassionate you are, how capable you are.

You can then take this uncluttered version of yourself to live the life you came to this planet to live, to learn what you came to learn, to create what you came here to create, and to help who you came here to help.

This type of healing is happening at a rapid rate around the planet. I encourage you now to step into your body and ask what these emotions can teach you about yourself.

It’s time to feel all the feels, shed the armor and masks, take down the walls and experience this experience of life and all the emotions that come with it. Only then can you begin to heal and step into your life with grace and ease.

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